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"A must-have for students studying the new Year 11 & 12 course. Our students love it!"

Series written by Anne Joshua & Jonathan Le

Used by 100+ schools in NSW

Loved by hundreds of students & teachers in NSW


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Professionally published.
The Mathematical Association of New South Wales is a professional association of mathematics educators dedicated to improving the quality of mathematics education and learning throughout New South Wales.
Full worked solutions.
Teachers can set questions for students to work independently with the guidance of solutions. Students have a valuable resource to help them through more difficult problems where they normally do not have support.
Beautifully typeset.
Our book is typeset in LaTeX with diagrams produced using computer-assisted software. We often receive compliments about the cleanliness of the layout of our book. It helps students avoid feeling like they're looking at a wall of maths.


New HSC syllabus.
The series is updated with brand new content for the new HSC syllabus. It is a ready-for-use resource for the 2020 HSC Examinations!

Mathematics Advanced

Includes new topics such as

  • Conditional Probability

  • Transformations

  • Discrete Probability Distributions

  • Continuous Probability Distributions

Mathematics Extension 1

Includes new topics such as

  • Further Functions

  • Vectors

  • Binomial Distributions

  • Differential Equations

Keyboard and Mouse

Mathematics Extension 2

Includes new topics such as 

  • The Nature of Proof

  • 3D Vectors

  • Modelling with Forces

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